GTA 5 High Expectations

gta 5 vice city 2 high expectations 2011 2012

GTA 5 Vice City 2

Grand Theft Auto V High Expectations for 2011.


5 Responses to GTA 5 High Expectations

  1. Doujin says:

    Good news, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. GTA 5 News says:

    If they made a game outside of the United States, it wouldn not appeal to many american people. Narrow minded, homophobic people did not like TBOGT so that leave me to believe that players only play something they are accustomed to or comfortable with. Rockstar should either make the new GTA in Miami or Los Angeles or Canada if they value their company. I would still play the game regardless. Besides Houser already stated they are researching the West Coast like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2.

  3. JRap Music says:

    I love that picture! Hope it will be in Vice City again 🙂

  4. rachiieeexxxx says:

    i really hope that its like vice city again ❤ xx

  5. Deano0o0 says:

    I hope it is not set just in miami, as the map isn’t big enough, I would lake it to be Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas again though!

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