Has GTA 5: Vice City 2 been confirmed?

gta 5 vice city 2

GTA 5 Vice City 2

I just found what could well be the complete Games Line Up that will be announced during the E3 2011 next June at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which includes the long awaited GTA 5 Vice City 2… Grand Theft Auto V would be release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 first, then on PC few months later. But even though a return to Vice City has been talked about for some months, these documents can not be authenticated for now, it is still just a Rumor.


6 Responses to Has GTA 5: Vice City 2 been confirmed?

  1. brave001 says:

    Ok, I’ve got news on gta 5 in the gtaeflc manual on page 15 there is a picture that has writing that says it’s over liberaty city and in the corner ripped off a picture of trees. if you invert the color the picture it’s the vice city colors. In gta 4 and EFLC the mention that they want go to vice city or “Miami”. Gta V ice city 2

  2. brave001 says:

    A bother sad thing that might happen is that gta 5 is only going to on ps3 because play station owned the rights to GTA and now they want to anounce a PS3 exclusive on I think was december 2. let’s hope it not only ps3

  3. JRap Music says:

    I would love to see how could be GTA 5 in Vice City!

  4. I think that they shouldd go back to SA I wanna know what’s happened to CJ an sweet no matter where it is its gonna be the best an most talked about game for years after!!!!

  5. Isaac says:

    ok can somebody tell me when gta5 will come out on pc windows7??

  6. GTA 5 Beta says:

    GTA 5 Beta…

    […]Has GTA 5: Vice City 2 been confirmed? « GTA 5 Release Date[…]…

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