The first signs of GTA 5?

gta 5 first signs

If you are waiting for GTA 5 fresh news… I have a good news for you ! Take 2 just published a recent ratings about a new game, which is titled “000A”. The Australian Classification Database said that the game contains violence, crude humor, drug & sexual references, and it could be played by 15 players and up in multiplayer mode.

To my mind, the description of that game shows the first signs of the future Take Two’s video game: Grand Theft Auto V.
Do you think it is the next GTA ?


6 Responses to The first signs of GTA 5?

  1. gtagamer says:

    Is there any exact date when the GTA 5 be released?

  2. unidentified says:

    Here’s a small leak for you think late October early november. That’s our Target but things always change. Look what happens with grand torismo 5. Unfortunately the more interest you put into something pre orders forum updates YouTube trailer hits demos betas and all of that stuff can and does push back release dates. It’s a want it can’t have it add ploy. Ps I just got laid off from rockstar I have a lot of dirt on this game.

  3. dragonborn says:

    i really hope its released shortly after tes 5 skyrim so i can continue to get my game on

  4. Batman says:

    This is for Beef Jack and Rock Star, There is not a lot wrong with GTA games. It is a nice game but it still needs work. The game play is fine but the jobs suck. sometimes I think the guys at rockstar are high on something. Stop changeing the game and fix what u got. Keep Changeing it is not helping. why are we waitting so long for GTA V? That row game what every it’s call, sucks. Why GTA China Town Wars never came out for ps3 and xbox? I wish I could talk to real people who care about what we the gamers really think about games. L.A. Noire is a good game, but it needs work. somebody talk to me? I think u sohuld bring all the GTA game in to one. I have a voice just like the next man, when will somebody hear us for real.

  5. Jesse says:

    I cant wait till it will be released,
    i wish it has split screen for sweet destruction,
    like doing co-op missions or 2 planes in the air not like
    gta san andreas when you play with 2 people they cant get into 2 different vehicles or like a maximum distance between each other lol

  6. tommy says:

    it will be a summer 2012 release

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