GTA 5 release date in 2011?


Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter

According to the famous video game analyst Michael Pachter, GTA 5 will be released in late 2011. He strongly believes that it will come out before January 2012, when many contracts of the major employees working on the GTA series expire, including Leslie Benzies, Sam & Dan Houser. Michael Pachter said  the main employees working on that project would be motivated to release a new GTA before the end of their contract in order to negociate a new contract with Rockstar. He continued that Max Payne 3 would be on the “back burner” to have more time to work on Grand Theft Auto V.


4 Responses to GTA 5 release date in 2011?

  1. […] to, the rumors about a GTA 5 release in 2011 are wrong, the most likely release is for early 2012, because the contracts of the main employees […]

  2. […] on GTA games are ending in january 2012.But the famous analyst Michael Pachter still believes that GTA 5 would be release in late 2011, he thinks that the game will arrive before the contracts run out.Finally, Doug Creutz a Cowen […]

  3. big joe says:

    There’s too much stuff surrounding this game rockstar should just make a new GTA there main priority its there best seller an then the houser brothers an lezlie benzies got a better chance of new contracts an everybody wants a new GTA

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