GTA 5 not before march 2012?

Grand Theft Auto V

According to Doug Creutz, a Cowen & Company analyst, GTA 5 won’t be release before march 2012. The chance Take Two launches Grand Theft Auto V in the next financial year is too slim. After the release of Take Two’s financial results, Doug Creutz made the forecast in which the next GTA isn’t mentionned.

Michael Pachter, the famous Wedbush analyst, affirmed in december 2010 that GTA 5 is in development. He expects that it would be released by Q4:12 at the latest, as the contracts of the 3 main employees working on the GTA series developement (Dan Houser, Sam and Les Benzies) expire next year in january 2012.

Anyway between now and then, Take Two has some other aces up its sleeve, like LA Noire, X-Com and Duke Nukem Forever.


5 Responses to GTA 5 not before march 2012?

  1. guidephuket says:

    Rockstar North has confirmed the game will be in San Andreas a remake of the game and in london and was to be released 2010 but news broke of the new psp2 rockstar decided to put it on edge and start over for the psp2 itl be titled Grand Theft Auto 5 San Andreas And London tour then in 2012 rockstar will release GTA Return to liberty city where u play as niko again!

  2. Alexiane says:

    I think in the new gta you should bring back the bicycles, haircuts, variety of clothes and shoes and eating to get your health back up. Also the customizing of cars and bring back the dancing in the clubs and more variety of girlfriends too.

    • cookie says:

      yea.. like alexisan said u shuld bring that stuff back…n u shuld add like uptodate musiq n stuff like that…I AM A BIG GTA FAN…N i think yall shuld add like were u can go out n get a real job u kno what i mean?

  3. william says:

    it will be released to pc ? realism,playability and much different cenarios levels cities that´s what the gamers want !!!

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