GTA 5 release officially announced by Rockstar

Hello everyone!!!

Today I have a great news for you! 🙂 Or maybe you already know….

GTA 5 will be released in 2012, it’s 100 % sure now, we have the official Logo for the new GTA 5 and Rockstar Games will post the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto in 7 days, on the 2nd november 2011 !!!

This excellent news might delight all the GTA fans and all those who were waiting for GTA 5!

Here is the brand new Logo of GTA 5:

GTA 5 Logo

GTA 5 Logo

You can discuss about it on the best GTA 5 Fan Page, and you could watch the brand new trailer next week on GTA 5 TV, the first website about GTA5!


15 Responses to GTA 5 release officially announced by Rockstar

  1. Adit says:

    awesome dude_

  2. patrick Mondor says:

    is there a month or date that we can know around when in 2012 GTA5 is going to come out…. So pumped for it. Is it in the same city as gta4 and is there more awesome cars to….. i love gta so much that i know each road and short cut in the city by heart….


  3. what sytems will it be on, hopefully they will make it for ps2 also

  4. fan!! says:

    in belgium and holland there’s a shopping site where you can pre-order and it says you’ll have you’re copy on the 24th of march.. 2013 –‘ i hope there wrong!!

  5. Dino says:


  6. Cable tray says:

    Again, GTA 5 rocks..

    I love the first two versions, but I think this time, for the first time, it will be much better.

    Lets see..

  7. laith says:

    I really love GTA 4 that I know all of the car’s names by heart and the map and of course I can’t wait for GTA5!!! The trailer is really really awesome and my question is …is there any month date for gta 5 cuz we know its 2012 but what month in 2012 ?!?? /thnks for the new awesome game I love u rockstar!!! ❤ GTA games are the besst!!

  8. cole says:

    i think they might mean on new years or around new years but i am still not sure

  9. Taylor Day says:

    fuck talkin bout it we just want the damn date

  10. gordon says:

    gta lol the hole story line to all the games is the same you go to ether vice city for liberty city and you do jobs for some people then u end up working for the mob its kinda boring once u know how the story line works lol gta 5 is gonna be the same thing as the other games sure theirs gonna be new ppl new cars new everything but the basic story line will be the same hahaha

  11. i realy heard that gta5 will have zombie mode but you have to beat the game on hard or harder

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