GTA 5 City will be huge!

Since last night, it is almost impossible to surf the web without seeing a “Grand Theft Auto V“. It must be said that the output of the first trailer is an interplanetary event that may cause an upheaval in the global economy and a deviation in the axis of rotation of the Earth. Some did in fact still not recovered from their emotions, as wild rumors flying in the wind because of the unfortunate who study each frame of the trailer to discover a secret message pseudo revealing important information. Rather than take part in these delusions, let us be content to dwell on what has been formalized.

GTA 5 Screenshot - Playing Golf

First, we already know that the story will happen in the San Andreas, where they lived the adventures of Carl Johnson aka CJ. But if you count play poker in a casino in Las Venturas and you kill the bridge in San Fierro, do not count on it. GTA V will contain only Los Santos and its surroundings. As a reminder, Los Santos was a caricature of the real Los Angeles. The good news is that players end up rural areas who had made their happiness in GTA: San Andreas. But it’s even better when you learn from the mouth of Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar that GTA 5 will be the title the largest and most ambitious ever undertaken by the studio! It even seems that the area will be playable almost two and a half times greater than that of Red Dead Redemption.

GTA 5 City by Plane

The concept will not change compared to previous games since we find the freedom of an open world, deep characters, a mission-based gameplay and a multiplayer mode. Otherwise, nothing has been formalized, and rumors that the hero is Tommy Vercetti and the game will be released May 24 (ha ha!) Are unfounded. In the meantime, we’ve captured some images of the trailer story to illustrate this article.


47 Responses to GTA 5 City will be huge!

  1. Gtav says:

    I think the mapis sanandrreass , becauese it plays too in los santos.

  2. will ye put missions in the fire brigades ambulances and cop cars thats all im askin ye. please if ye can. and one nore thing will ye do ye no the way the emergency vehicles can turn on the lights whitout the siren and then back to the siren and lights can ye do that please, i am dying to see what they turn out like. and if ye read this will ye comment back.

  3. Jason Stout says:

    When will Gamestop USA get GTA 5 for pre-order if Gamestop UK and Walmart US have it?

  4. Marquis says:

    Not to sound stupid but can we tow boats

  5. Cable tray says:

    Again, GTA 5 rocks..

    I love the first two versions, but I think this time, for the first time, it will be much better.

    Lets see..

  6. Kieran a.k.a "GTA King" says:

    Sounds pretty exciting! Can’t wait to find out what the “real” release date is.

  7. Unfortunate broke guy says:

    This game is going to be SICK. As long as all the functionality of san andreas is there, PLUS the ability to get drunk like GTA IV plus military base and good online gameplay and graphics, but not glitching like dead island did… I will sacrifice real life, quit my job, and just live my life through GTA V (just kidding!!)

    I will get it if cod MW4 (if there is even one coming out) doesn’t run me broke with its Super hardened Veteran general four star edition… mw3 and its hardened edition prevented me from getting forza 4 and battefield 3.

    Now i must wait. 😦

  8. sam says:

    just make sure we can get planes and heli’s like san andreas and bikes,mountain bike’s oh and a golf course haha

  9. I Cant Wait Ima Get That Gam As Soon As It Comes Out Im Getting Alot OF Money MY Grades Are All A.s And All OF My Camaster r 100% OMG And I Can Imaged MULTIPLAYER omg To FUn

  10. Jay says:

    Hope the people dont drive slow -__-

  11. Derrius says:

    Yall shud make it in chicago for the first time like real talk

  12. RJH says:

    Need more weapons, and hopefully yall will make it to where we can work out an get built or just get fat, id like to see more real damage on car wrecks and make it to where we can use people as shields. And throw some crazy toys in there like 4 wheelers, go karts and bicycles. An yes need airplanes and helicopters…and more clothing stores or just diff varioty of clothes

    • migel says:

      I agree with you man they should ads all are you
      Saying more clothes and more hair style to
      More new cool stuff in it . Will be rock in it..

    • yodaddy says:

      Heck yea. just think of the multiplayer. but the problem with all of these request is that it cost companies money and all of us real gamers know new games only cost 60-70 dollars so i mean millions would have to buy it for the companies to make profits. or basiclly make money off of it.

  13. Sreven says:

    cant wait i will go to the bathroom and poop when i play it cant wait and my butt cant to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cwazyhorse says:

    this game is going to be epic! all we need is off-line 2player split-screen that’d be amazing! I just want to cause as much mayhem in this game. I hope the police have and use DOG units!! 🙂 imagine you commit a crime and attain a 1star police chase, normally you’d think, ha ha I’ll just run and that cop won’t catch me. Now imagine that cop sets a dog on your ass! how exciting does that sound?

  15. miguel morales says:

    can u swim under water on the story mode..

  16. Colby Jack says:

    Actually San Fierro is in GTA V. In the jetski scene the bridge in the background looks very similar to the Garver Bridge in GTA San Andreas.

  17. Turtle Man says:

    I’m hearing rumors of Jan 15th, 2012 which I’m hoping as i need this game to launch in winter to distract me from all this endless masturbation.

  18. Ray Ward says:

    in this one i think we should be able to beef-up are trucks and cars to the motor to the paint to the rims to the in side that would be sick!!!!!!!!

  19. sudip12345 says:

    We all know that there is plane in Gta IV as we can see in the trailer…. But are there any skateboard???? Skateboard Skateboard. We need skateboard :P,,,,

  20. sudip12345 says:

    I mean Gta V 😀 ^^^

  21. Manjyot Sandhar says:

    if its in the 90s i can stop Tupac’s assassination!

  22. BlAcK MaN says:

    yeah niggas this goan be da shiznit muh fuckas

  23. yomamma says:


  24. yomamma says:


  25. ghoststorm07 says:

    what the hell i hope that drunk guy is not niko it ill be messed up
    he was supposed to be bad a** and cj is there that will be cool and i hope were not playing the charater from vice city (just kidding) total epicness as niko will say dont fu** with me!!!

  26. hopeGTAVisCOMINGsoon says:

    i hope that there would be police side of the story like in the GTA: Chinatown Wars like the undercover guy in it asking Huang Lee to help him but i wish its a mode in the game to ‘switch’ to police officer and do some police work like in the police mod for GTA IV

  27. SandeepRaj says:


  28. Me, Mario says:

    yes you can swim under water because sometimes if you have a gun it will not work, which is fun but you can pop a cap in a hoe like clakclakclak
    if you powerslam 4 four lokos it will be good to play the game and den drink some monster and i dont think you will sleep for like 2 days.
    i think the best idea would be for a pizza hut combo meal where you can get $5 off GTA5 but then you would also get napkins cause the pizza has some grease and will get your controller dirty.

  29. chopper15 says:

    gta IV is a bit of a down for me cause rockstar remove most of the best things found in gta SA.. like buying property and business, props and jets and modding cars which i found very amusing… i hope they’ll bring those back along with great graphics, gameplay, accessibility of buildings, great view of mountains in SA and buildings in gta IV and many things you can’t do in real life for a short time… if they’ll do all of these since they say that this is the most ambitious project they’ll ever do..

  30. Nathan D. Vuletic says:


  31. breonwalker says:

    yea ya’ll just do that

  32. yodaddy says:

    What it needs is all of saints row mixed with all of gta and realistic fetures and whoever produces that game would be a multi millionare. think of the million of people who would buy it. THINK!!!!!!!!

  33. alan says:

    when GTA 5 coming out what month in 2012 please let me know thanks

  34. Frank Doctor says:

    You Should be able to Hit “circle” to focus on anyone you want to be able to focus on like you are able to do in gta 4 missions

  35. johnny says:

    make it where you can choose a variety or rims, AND MAKE IT SO YOU CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENT SIZES (SUCH AS 28’S, 30’S, 32’S) and make it where you can have liftkits or just hydraulics. F*** it just release the game already and ill be happy lol.

  36. johnny says:

    release it!!!!!!!!!!

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