Take 2 don’t want to announce the release of GTA 5 in 2012

While they were talking about their latest financial figures on the night of November 8, Take Two refused to announce a release date for 2012.

The release date for GTA 5 will remain unknown for many of us, Take-Two has not even included GTA 5 in its “strongest line up” for the year 2012, while BioShock Infinite, Spec Ops: The Borderlands Line and there are two left.

If we stay in the timing of Rockstar, the game should probably get out in late 2012, in any case they do not have much choice because the new generation of consoles arrives.

No information has been made ​​with respect to platforms. In logic, it should be PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. But do not forget PS Vita, Wii or Wii U.


29 Responses to Take 2 don’t want to announce the release of GTA 5 in 2012

  1. jack moody says:

    Why ant it owt now coz I could get. For christmas presis!

  2. laith says:

    When is the release date?

  3. micheal says:

    i need it i hav all the hole colection

  4. GTA 4EVA says:

    why the hell would you release it in late 2012, i guarentee that it will sell the same amount of copies around christmas. people will be bored of MW3 and other games by then

  5. Cassidy says:

    I wish It would come out now bc Christmas is up soon!!!! When will y’all find out?!?

  6. sarkisiansam@gmail.com says:

    people say its on may 24 2012

  7. richard says:

    i hope they let it come out earily cause im tired of beat and the grand theft autos all the time

  8. Aaron says:

    Why late 2012? ill only have a couple months to play it before the world ends december 21st

  9. this gay says:

    Wow fuck take two n rockstar ur r fuckin punks for letting them giv release date instead of u…..its ur game dumbfucks!!! Also u hav already made the euphoria engine so it shouldn’t take another 4 yrs to make game it should take yr at max n considering u started gta 5, 7 months after gta 4 came out u should def hav it ready by July bc that would mean we gave u literally 3 yrs to make a game that u should already made. I understand why it took so long for gta 4 bc u were making a brand new engine but now u hav the made engine so it shouldn’t b that difficult. If u wait til end of 2012 I prob won’t but ur game out of spite to b honest n just rent or borrow from someone. Ur r wasting our fucking time u dumbfucks

  10. marquell says:

    I just want it to come out!!!!

  11. Ert shiity says:

    I dont understand why them don’t announce them release date. you is a sht ass other fcker..!

  12. einar resse says:

    I love this game. and i can’t wait until the release.:)

  13. wolfgang says:

    it better come out early 2012 or i am going to be very mad

  14. duane says:

    diablo3 will kill it

  15. ronald bolton says:

    gta 5 needs to come out soon i think we all agree

  16. Gerard says:

    New generation of consoles? I don’t think there will be a playstation 4 or new xbox anytime soon. In fact, at the CES, Sony denied all rumors of a new playstation, simply because they had anticipated for the PS3 to go around for like 10 years.

  17. stmain says:

    I like the changes in graphics but i want this game in mid 2012 i cant wait no year when its ready put it in gamestop right then

  18. stmain says:

    I just read found out this game was ready last freaken year whats up with that huh u stupid put the game on sell now i mean my god

  19. kieran says:

    I think the date is may some time

  20. allen grigg says:

    well rockstar and take two need to release gta v this summer,october or sept. or at least more information soon cuz me and alot of people and i mean almost the whole mid ohio valley wont buy this game do to the fact of the ridiculously long wait in news or information in the upcoming gta v release. I understand they dont want the focuse on max payne 3 to go away but in reality gta v will blow it out of the water because of the free roaming system and mission play.so if thats too much to ask they should just advertise them at the same time and release them around the same time as well.

  21. Trey says:

    i will give u a hundred million 2 hundred thusand

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