GTA 5 Release Date for 2013?

The formalization of the release date? Rockstar will come gradually. For those who have not followed the latest news on Grand Theft Auto V, summarized briefly. Monday, two foreign retailers have updated their information on the album by announcing that the game will end in March 2013. Yesterday, 2K Games (a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive) reported in its financial report that the title to the fame titanic would be sold at about the same date. It only needs the formalization of the publisher.

GTA 5 for 2013?

Rockstar has just put online a job offer for Grand Theft Auto V. The studio is looking for a tester for a period of one year in his studio in Scotland. Knowing that the testing phase takes place throughout the game development, we can assume that we will find perhaps the series in 2013 and not late 2012. It remains to be the exact launch date of Grand Theft Auto V. All the rumors and all our questions about the date and the game itself will probably find no answers before a long time, if the year of release is proven. Wait & see …


37 Responses to GTA 5 Release Date for 2013?

  1. john says:

    2013 sum clown is messin u around, aint it funny that i was able 2 pre order gta v from my local store from uk when i picked up saints row 3 in dec 2011, so i defo fink gta v will be release sum time in 2012 coz u cant pre order a game in a yr advance as they dont hv release dates

  2. Matei says:

    i heared they release gta v on the same day San Andreas was released

  3. GTA Hype says:

    How much would it cost to get a pirated copy. The hype from this game gets me all pumped up like a sex scene on Family Guy

  4. GTA 5 says:

    Why is that? why must a game be so serious and realistic? a game is for escaping from the rel worl for some hours. that’s why it should make fun and should not be too serious. the handling of the protag in GTA 4 was slippy. he moved heavly around. L.A. Noie looks creepy for me. melancholia: we have that enough in rel life. rockstar needs to go back to it’s roots. seriously!

  5. jake says:

    hey, im a huge fan of GTA. i was just wondering, when is the final date of the release of GTA 5. because one minute its march 2013 then its november 2012 and starting to get confusing.

  6. poolshark666_6 says:

    well it still could still be released the end of this year and have a game update come a few months after

  7. brad says:

    this game looks a very good game and it whould be good if we houd no the real release date. And i rate this game so far on the traila a 10.

  8. cuntsuck says:

    hurry the hell up ive been waiting over 3 years

  9. Hansen says:

    men i cant wait for GTA 5 to be release, i don’t know about you guys but i think that maybe GTA 5 (grand theft auto 5) is going to be a lot better than GTA 4, sure i played GTA 4 “A LOT!” it used to be my favorite game in GRAND THEFT AUTO HISTORY!!! i’m a huge fan of GTA’s i download every single GTA’s i can find in youtube, I HOPE THAT GTA 5 RELEASES SOON SO I CAN DOWNLOAD IT AND SEE IF GTA 5 IS BETTER THAN GTA 4.

  10. sedric says:

    is it 2012 or 2013

  11. sedric says:

    because i been hopping this will come out this year

  12. sedric says:

    i not tring to rush you but i was just asking

  13. Javon McKinney says:

    It should have 2 players like the first gta

  14. Lucas says:

    So sad to read this, but tkns!

  15. kabir says:

    are you all going fucked up when will gta 5 will launch we all are waiting for it and you people don’t give a dame care …. And please guy’s launched it in march of 2012 please ! Give me a reaply to my email ….. That i have given !

  16. jerry craft says:

    well that gay i was looking forward because of that game

  17. jimmy says:

    i would have to say that this is like sa ihope they make better graphics

  18. tyler says:

    why cant it be 2012 march 27

  19. B.J. DuMarce says:

    Ill Test The Game!

  20. Alan says:

    i want to get that game called grand theft auto v 5 sooooo bad i wish it was out now i want to buy for my xbox 360 will it come out in 2013 i love grand theft auto games from rockstar i loved it gtas are the best games ever i like to enjoy playing them i love you guys alan peabody

  21. Amber Ellis says:

    I love your games. I cant wait till 5 comes out. I hope yall can take my comment to heart and continue to make more games. Thanks so much.

  22. jake says:

    wen is GTA 5 comin out cus i will pre-order it

  23. tony says:

    i think it should come out sooner .

  24. jshane says:

    Release the danm game already

  25. Juan sharp says:

    Wen will gta 5 come out

  26. FutureRecon2012 says:

    Ive never seen such horrible grammar and spelling until reading all of these comments bwahaha

  27. charles says:

    the trailer of gta 5 looks good im not rushing rockstar cuz i know the longer it takes the better the game will be i cant wait

  28. lee brandin detroy says:

    so, they are going to make a xbox 360 grand theft auto 5 video game that will be released march 2013 ,ooooooooooooooooh, that will be so cool, but i wish that the game would have some of my female fattales,like big grown big breasted tailsko aka big grown big breasted tails/tailsko in the game too, do it, rockstar games, for the sake of all female kitsunes of all of japan’s yana temple,and for tokyo,japan,and for all of tokyo,japan, and with big grown big breasted female shadow hedgehog in the game too, yes, do it, rockstar games, and give them armor,guns, and extra health, and money, and all guns too,.. and i think that will be great for march 2013,

  29. jack says:

    GTA 5 coming out on 9/11

  30. jack says:

    same day as NHL 13

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