GTA V: the developer of Mafia 2 brought his help

We just learned that the studio 2K Czech – behind Mafia II – assists the development of the highly anticipated GTA 5. Moreover, it is stated that the two studios plan to improve the franchise Mafia.

Become a cult gaming space, the Grand Theft Auto license no longer has proven to provide justification for its quality. While many players could barely wait to the idea of getting new information about GTA 5 PC, we just got word that Rockstar probably been helped on certain points of development.

Indeed, a source site VG24 / 7 said the 2K Czech studio – behind Mafia II – worked hand in hand with Rockstar for a year, in view of kinematic design, as well as specific events for cut-scenes and phases of GTA 5 gameplay.

In addition, the source pointed out that Rockstar and 2K Czech are working on the franchise Mafia, in order to make a major license. We know already that 2K Czech is currently working on Mafia III, but the precise details are still unknown.


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