GTA 5 gives a sign of life!

Since his confirmation, GTA V sometimes forget that Rockstar Games is working on other projects. This is when an assignment question and answer around Max Payne 3 that the game is being talked about recently.

The publisher is congratulating the buzz created by the spread of the single trailer for the title and claims to be aware that much of the outstanding issues around this new album.

Questions that will be answered in the coming months according to the group. So we have to be patient before you can discover more about the game that players have dreamed the world.

More informations about GTA 5:


3 Responses to GTA 5 gives a sign of life!

  1. Johann duckworth says:

    Max Payne 3 has released already so they are saying that Gta V is going to release with it

  2. phillip says:

    when does gta 5 goin to be released cuz im wantin to play the crap out of it

  3. majestic says:

    I love gta an can’t wait to play gta 5 its gunnah be awsome,,seen some previews of it an daammm it looks wicked son 🙂 can’t waitt.

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