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It is likely that GTA V will be developed and released simultaneously for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version will arrive 7-8 months after the console release, as has been the case in the past.


23 Responses to Platforms

  1. I’m too impatient to play GTA 5 on Playstation 3!!

  2. JRap Music says:

    I guess I will just wait for the PC version 😉

  3. cj says:

    gta5 should be alot more intense than gta4

  4. alegzzz says:

    next GTa is gonna be on pc and then will be on xbox720 and ps4 because da cicle of 6 years is over for bouth conoles and i think wood be a good ideea to bring gta V on next gen of consols…sorry for my bad english

    • tony says:

      its going to be out on the pcas well but wont be released till middle of 2012 la noire another game released by rockstar was released recently but be out on pc dec 19th 2011

    • youre wrong. solid prediction though says:

      haha, wrrrooonnngggg

    • SMARTERTHANalegzzz says:

      wow you’re fucking stupid. Actually no.. I refuse to believe that anyone could be as retarded as you and still be allowed near a computer… you must be trolling. or retarded. also xbox 720? they aren’t going to name it that…. you are so fucking stupid.

      ps: you should be sorry for your bad english

  5. Mohamad says:

    I Think this is going to be on xbox 360 and i can hardly wait

  6. Jose says:

    na just leave it how it only xbox 360 and ps3 I would like if it was only for ps3
    xbox 360 has al’ready saints row

  7. windowslive says:

    yea saints rows shit

  8. luke od says:

    cant wait does any one the exact release date of gta v cheers to ever replys 🙂

  9. isaac says:

    why they r not releasing it on pc… i can’t wait? 😦

  10. firstroad says:

    they do the right without releasing the pc version with the console one because i can say the 75% is going to download it for free (piracy) so by doing this they earn money lots of

  11. Anon says:

    If they release this on xbox 360 and ps3 I think society needs to wake up and realize how much it will suck. Just a rehash with too many hardware limitations to make it any better than previous games. I can just see it now, non blue ray gta 5 coming on four disks and you have to insert a new disk on the next mission. Then you have the fact that the consoles are so dang old that they literally die of old age and you gotta go out and buy another one.

    • Janis says:

      PS3 hardware limitations are not reached jet it’s more powerfull than xbox360

    • SMARTERTHANanon says:

      blu ray is not the only way. Its retards like you that always say “omfg blu ray is soooo awesome” wen its not because you don’t know anything.

      If it were to be on four disks, the other 3 would be installs so you would only need one to play.

      grow a brain retard.

  12. grand theft auto freak says:

    i want it to be on the ps3 so ****ing bad man u have no idea

  13. Gta 5 says:

    i hope gta 5 will be on ps3
    i hope the graphics could be supported .
    and running 100cc at a time its gonna be helllllllllllllll of a great game.
    already pre order it on the ps3.

  14. jordan adamson says:

    well you have to wait till it comes on the PC yh so chill out !!!!!!

  15. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Who on earth will download such a large size game so no need, whether they realeased on pc first or on consoles.I will just purchased it from my nearest game cd store for Rs.50.{1 dollar}

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