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Grand Theft Auto 5 Date Release New GTA 2011 2012 PS3 Xbox 360 Rockstar North Games

Rockstar North has been busy with several projects in 2010. They made a large contribution to Red Dead Redemption, and they’re also working on a new PS3 title called Agent. Since Agent has been announced and GTA V has not, one would assume that Agent is Rockstar’s priority right now. We should therefore get a better idea of when to expect GTA 5 once the release date for Agent is announced. GTA V should be released no before 2011 and no later than 2012.


124 Responses to Release Date

  1. Doujin says:

    I think so, GTA 5 would be released for 2012 even if it’s not confirmed by Rockstar and Take 2.

  2. juan says:

    i dont care i just wanted gta5 i think it will come on 2010 or 2011

  3. JRap Music says:

    @juan I guess it wont be release for 2011.. and 2010?? Totally impossible ^_^ I have heard that it would be for 2013.. will see..

  4. webster says:

    GTA london would be fantastic

  5. webster says:

    please make a gta london because i think a hell of a lot of people would pay for it

  6. 7car says:

    Gta london exists in 2 forms 1961 and 1969! :p

  7. gage says:

    i think sanandreas is the best guess for gta 5

  8. Parras Azhaar says:

    GTa is a good game

  9. windowslive says:

    yea id pay Β£60 for it

  10. Owen Dumetz says:

    a so long it a come out

  11. damion says:

    dont no when its gunna come out but it needs to hurry the f**k up as i got told it will be out in January, 2012……….. ( i will be deffo the 1st person in line at the shop to get it ) lol πŸ˜€

  12. christian says:

    A vice city would be cool i think a lot of people will greatful

  13. *AMERICAN IDIOT* says:

    Well thats just wierd cause it should come out before march 2012. its should come out in febuary.

  14. *American Idiot* says:

    GTA 5 is going to be the best game ever. its going to be like GTA 4 in los angeles…

  15. loco says:

    when dose this game come out

  16. faisal says:

    I love rockster games

  17. Star Gurung says:

    plz give me release info of gta 5.

  18. Kev456 says:

    hope it comes out soon. diying 2 play it

  19. Kev456 says:

    Hope it coms out dis year

  20. Kev456 says:

    thumbs up if u like gta games .fuc u if u dont

  21. diya says:

    please release it before january forget about agent

  22. luke says:

    its probably released in december or january

  23. Raza Ayaz says:

    I Think It Will Be The Heaviest & Largest Map Game in The World Im Waiting For It

  24. Malik says:

    When is this game coming out do anybody no

  25. chris says:

    i`ts going to be realesed after march 2012!!!

  26. Deivis says:

    Gta 5 Realese 2012 nowember-PC

    Xbox,PS3-Realese 2011.12.30

  27. Bill Winer says:

    im trynna get dis shit 4 christmas rockstar betta make up their fucking mind not fuckin around

  28. Freddy says:

    Tell us exsacly okay.

  29. ingreidbrown says:

    I like this game really bad

  30. john says:

    does anybody no were u can get a gta sanandreas from n how much

  31. tuntunlls says:


  32. pimpt says:

    i think it should come out right now and all the peoplw who posted should get 5 of them free just in case something happenz to one of them agree……..agreee πŸ™‚

  33. GTA is Shit says:

    I’ve never seen so many uneducated idiot’s making comments all together before! Bunch of losers. Ha ha ha.

  34. alex says:

    2012 june 1

  35. BOB says:

    IsaY it needa come out before 2012 because its going to be over a billion people buying it and might be even more!!!!”

  36. party rocker says:

    i cant wait till that game comes out i think it will come out in january and everyone who dosent like it is gay πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  37. cristian says:

    december 25, 2011

  38. cody says:

    i think u should bring out the game right now they r the best

  39. eric powell says:

    Wow i wish they would release it

  40. SHAREEN says:


  41. kuttar says:

    all of u r so fukin gay its gonna be realeased on january 23rd

  42. kuttar says:

    well malik if u fukin bothered to read any of the post u might hav a fukin idea of wen its gonna cum out dumbass motherfucker

  43. kuttar says:

    all of u r a kuttar baichar

    • Jacob says:

      That makes you gay kuttar. it didn”t come out yet. smh, think before you speak. everyone is naming the dates because they want it bad. just be patient and play your other games for awhile. Rockstar games never fell us.

  44. Ricky Hinz says:

    idk wen its coming out i just hope it comes soon 4 xbox 360

  45. Ben says:

    I need to know when it comes out I thoulght it was coming out Fall of 2012

  46. andrew says:

    come on gta 5 come out plz hurry up

  47. andrew says:

    im waiting for u

  48. Cody says:

    gta5 san andres stories be coo

  49. jim stevens says:

    Pleas meak it come out kwiker

  50. Arismel says:

    January 15,2012

  51. the awesome says:

    i heard that it is coming 12/31/2012

  52. I’m no longer positive where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I must spend some time learning much more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful info I was looking for this information for my mission.

  53. himanshu says:

    remove fasttttttttt

  54. Mike says:

    When will it be released

  55. sohaib surhio says:

    when gta five is comeing

  56. noobinator says:

    i dontt think it’ll come out by 2011

  57. kkj says:

    shutup i just want it to come out soon

  58. Johan says:

    Best gta game i want

  59. mulo sika says:

    when is the realese date please just try to approximate,

  60. aryan says:


  61. yodaddy says:

    What you all need to do is encourage a gta 6 for a kinect TYPE cosole. but the console is genetic material type glasses that put u in a gta based type game where you can do whatever you want and if u thought of a cheat u could activate it hell yea.

  62. Patrick trujillo says:

    All ur guys date were wrong…its already febuary and i havnt heard nothing

  63. gta5 gang says:

    relese the game soon the perfect relese date is may 2012 . you all agree?

  64. Patrick trujillo says:

    Soooo when u guys find the real date then let everybody know.

  65. 092097 says:

    if this games doesnt come out by the end of the world ill be pretty pist lol

  66. Patrick trujillo says:

    Haha right cause the world is soppsed to end by the end of the year

  67. Braydon says:

    This is bs we wait 4 a great game then this shit ps3 game ps3 is shit xbox is way better fuck u Sony

  68. Tony says:

    When is gta five coming out I love ur games I think it’s one of the best games out there All the new games r gonna go down when gra five comes out

  69. i love gta says:

    still not released 😦 its fking april!

  70. pramod says:

    i am just waiting this game when it will release

  71. syed ifthikar says:


  72. syed ifthikar says:


  73. GTA*JUNKY says:

    I cant wait any longer…… .im jonesin for a new GTAΒ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. kenny says:

    I think its coming out in the summer of 2012 or in the fall of september-october the 24th

  75. 42069666 says:

    It’s scheduled to come out on december 22nd, 2012… if the world doesn’t end the day before :/

  76. bharath says:

    july 17 2012

  77. nasrallah says:

    Release date for gta 5 is october 26 2012

  78. Johnny says:

    i wonder when the if GTA V is coming out on XBOX 720

  79. bob says:

    i think gta 5 will come out on november 2012

  80. Kuick Man says:


  81. adam says:

    lie no gta 5 in 2012 its 1013

  82. tony nelson says:

    as usual pushed back again and again thanks rockstar!!!!!

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