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The biggest question, as always, is where GTA 5 will be set. It could be somewhere that’s featured previously in the series or it could be somewhere completely different. The only thing we know for sure is it won’t be Liberty City. Most fans believe it will be Vice City, but might this be too obvious a prediction? After all, only 4% of our visitors correctly predicted that GTA IV would be set in Liberty City!

When asked if Rockstar had ever considered setting a GTA game outside the US, Dan Houser responded:

Yes we have, we just haven’t ever made that maneuver. I would have a certain confidence of maybe doing it in England, but anywhere else I wouldn’t really know what was going on. The guys who make that kind of stuff on the team may not necessarily know where to begin. I’m sure that there are lots of interesting things to talk about in Russia or China or Japan about that aspect of society [consumerism] but I wouldn’t know what they were and so we feel it wouldn’t necessarily be GTA.

Dan Houser in Official PlayStation Magazine Australia

9 Responses to Setting

  1. its jonny says:

    if one was done in chicago it would actually almost be a real life scenario because we all know that chicago is pretty corrupt and if youve heard of the chicago code tv series its basically the same

  2. a1328 says:

    Its gonna be San Andreas 2. They’re doing field research in the same setting and even have CJ coming in and doing recordings.

    • shawn says:

      I sure as hell hope it will be in San Andreas..In my oponion San Andreas was the best GTA ever made so i definetly think they should make it there again..

    • Ricky Hinz says:

      yeah cj!!!!!! and san andreas is the best grand theft auto 4 playstation 2 so this will definetly be awesome

  3. Jose says:

    i’ll be really cool if it take place in miami

  4. Stu036 says:

    would be nice to have another GTA game in the UK, where the Police aren’t routinely armed, but gangs are around, and children carry knives

  5. Conal says:

    I LOVE GTA! Can’t wait to have it on my iPad 2, gona be amazing

  6. GTAIV says:

    I would like it to be in gta iv, but its most likely not to. 😦

  7. Ricky Hinz says:

    i cant wait till it comes out and i know a lot of people that love all the grand theft autos and i want it 2 be simialer to san andreas like u can still do the same old stuff and more new stuff and i hope it has a good story to it and i think dis will be the last gta cause in the trailer it says he wants to retire and become a father and that suks and all the characters from san andreas should be in the new one like CJ,sweet,ceaser, and other dudes that were around 4 like the whle game in san andreas this game will definetly be the best one yet!!!!!

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