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The title has yet to be confirmed, it is most likely to be Grand Theft Auto V (or Grand Theft Auto 5). In the past, some titles have taken the form of Grand Theft Auto followed by the name of the setting (e.g. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) but that’s because Vice City and San Andreas formed a trilogy with GTA III, and thus they were essentially expansions of the GTA III story. Former CEO of Rockstar Games Terry Donovan admitted that was the plan from the beginning:

It was really important for us to do this trilogy. A fictional New York in a contemporary setting, Miami in the ’80s, and a ’90s Cali – that was the trilogy. That was the plan from a long time ago.

Terry Donovan (Former R* CEO) talking to Game Informer

There has been no indication as yet that GTA IV will lead to a new trilogy. Referring to the issue, Rockstar’s Dan Houser told the Official PlayStation Magazine in 2007 (about a year before GTA IV was released) that Rockstar had yet to make up their minds, saying: “To be honest with you, we haven’t yet figured out if this [GTA IV] is going to be leading onto another bunch of games or not. We are just focusing on this at the moment.”


4 Responses to The Title

  1. GTA V is gonna be the best video game ever! Can’t wait to see that šŸ™‚

  2. its jonny says:

    the sad thing is that theres a sort of limit not legal but kind of in your head where in some cases they can only make so many games before it gets overdone

  3. Ricky Hinz says:

    i hope it comes out soon cause it looks real fun and i cant wait to play it i hope the character u play as is somin like CJ and i want it to have the stuff in san andreas in it 2 cause that game is fun as well

    • Filip Klingborg says:

      I can say sure that we have got information that it gonna release before the end of the year, bad enough, they haven’t say anything else about the game, the only another thing we know about the game is the trailer on youtube

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