GTA 5 Wallpaper New Grand Theft Auto Picture Photo PS3 Xbox 360 PC 2011 2012

GTA 5 Wallpaper #1

GTA 5 Wallpaper Audi New Grand Theft Auto V Picture Photo PS3 Xbox 360 PC 2011 2012

GTA 5 Wallpaper #2


33 Responses to Wallpapers

    • Lonnie MacRae says:

      dude thats gta 4. he has a car mode. the top picture (wallpaper #1) is the paint and spray near maisonette 9 in the ballad of gay tony story line.

  1. Doujin says:

    I love this 2 GTA V Wallpapers, thanks for sharing!

  2. JRap Music says:

    Awesome GTA 5 wallpapers, we want more! 🙂

  3. Jose says:

    it should really have real cars

  4. justino says:

    Sweet wallpapers if it does have real cars in it it would be awesome

  5. windowslive says:

    i think there getting rights so they can use real cars and real car names

  6. kuk says:

    when is g t a 5 is coming out

    • CARL JOHNSON says:

      IT CARL JOHNSON HOOD BACK/////////””

    • rockstar games is sittin quiet about release date none yet i have checked in all games that will be released in 2012 but no sign of it in archives and other sponsers have been statin that it will come out in 2013 and the earliest month thats open for a game release is late march of 2013 i know it suck but here me and everybody else we could be wrong

  7. Elimineerder says:

    this is not gta v, its actually gta iv if you look at it. the first screen shot is taken on the last island at the spray job garage. the car comes from a car pack you download.

  8. Patrick trujillo says:

    Ya what he said, if u r smart enough it is gta 4.

  9. Kevin says:

    thanx for the wallpapers

  10. raja usman says:

    my favourits games is gtas all games i am waiting new series game from gta5

  11. Jake says:

    Those wallpapers are both from Gta IV not V

  12. nikhil says:

    i love gta 4 but when i so gta 5 with awesome grapics that time i love gta 5

  13. penggila GTA says:

    lamanya terbitnya 2012 kalau GTA 6 kapan ?

  14. ali55 says:

    there is planes in gta 5 ???

  15. Nelson says:

    Get new cars for this game

  16. the real says:

    this not gta5 its driver san francsco 2011

  17. coleman says:

    fake the licanse says liberty city

  18. Fright night says:

    That 2nd wall paper is from liberty city the church is across the street and so is the 1st wallpaper

  19. Rajesh Chaudhary says:

    wallpaper is ok, but when the rockstar will plz announce the date of release of it ?

  20. jordan says:

    that is really nice and could you put more pictures of it

  21. jordan adamson says:

    do you wanna leave a Reply who ever took that picture.

  22. talha rao says:

    its not gta v.its gta iv using car mode

  23. gaurav says:

    i love this game tooo much

  24. cristal says:

    it look’s badass man i love it i can’t waght untell it comes out the end????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sachith says:

    I want 2 just play this game

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