Grand Theft Auto V London Cover New GTA 5 2011 2012 Grand Theft Auto V The United Kingdom Cover New GTA 5 2011 2012 Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition Cover New GTA 5 2011 2012 Grand Theft Auto V Minnesota Cover New GTA 5 2011 2012 PS3
GTA 5 London GTA 5 United Kingdom GTA 5 Collector Edition GTA 5 Minnesota

38 Responses to Covers

  1. Nice covers, it looks real!

  2. Doujin says:

    I like all these covers, GTA V is gonna be the best video game ever for sure!

  3. JRap Music says:

    Do you have a GTA 5 Vice City 2 Cover?

  4. kyle says:

    gta london i going 2 be sick i herd that it goes round the hole uk u can go everywere

    • fecka1114 says:

      never. ever. ever. will gta be in london! it would be absolutely horrible. dont ever. ever. ever say gta london again. they did it once. and they now know to NEVER. attempt that again.

      • deez nuts says:

        It should be in L.A or the whole part of California and Bring back CJ from san Andreas , or at least make the character Black thats in a gang !

  5. its jonny says:

    you no with all this hype about gta V rockstar better be workin on the damn thing cuz if it comes out later than 2012 everyone is gonna be mad like with the beatles getting on itunes and then being leaked i mean its about time. and with all this hype comes the dissapointment if one little thing isnt that good or could use more detail. luv the series love this forum and cudos to rockstar on such great games

  6. jonathan carver says:

    were can u by this games at gta minnesota

  7. jonathan carver says:

    were can u by gta minnesota

  8. dave says:

    i rlly hope they decide to do another san andreas game with updated graphics and storyline they can completely modernize the game and the main character and truthfully it just feels like tht time

  9. Gian van Wijk says:

    Rockstar Games is now working on LA Noire, so it’ll take long before GTA V is coming out. They say there’s a poster on Star Junction in GTA IV that gives you a hitn that it will be in Paris and London. A tunnel which separates them cities. Gonna be AWESOME!

  10. pasthedutchie says:

    gta amsterdam (or a city based on it)
    i mean amsterdam has:
    – diamond district
    – red light districts
    – semi-legalized pot
    – streets next to/over canals
    wich you can drive/race
    – on of the bigger world airports just outside the city
    – a good representation of almost every culture in the world
    – and pretty specific city parts liek a china town etc
    what more do you need for a good GTA story

  11. xXRYANXx says:

    Why are there so many covers? What is the difference?

  12. who says:

    it will be released on December 31 2099? i think it is released now (guns sold separately)
    because you can make real gta, and not just some stupid ____ like this

  13. flipee says:

    what about gta v in africa wil it b a bad move

  14. george says:

    do you think gta london will come out

  15. windowslive says:

    they should re-master gta sanandreas

  16. georgie says:

    it will be out by 2013

  17. Jerk says:

    What about a GTA Darfur? That would be pretty intense..

  18. Crazysnipa20 says:

    Gta 5,crazy..About time.Gta 4 was sick n im still playing it,cant get enough.I would like to see motorcycle customizations,that would be something.Rockstar u guys r fucking video game gods i love u.I own every gta game since gta 3.Cant wait to play.

  19. Lisa says:

    What i want in GTA 5 Is that you could go in a boat like “The Titanic” and could be in an Airplane and walk around inside and when you break a window in the inside you get sucked out and also open the door while the airplane is on the air.Also bring the bikes back.

    • C says:

      Wut i want is to be able to go to the airport buy a ticket and fly to different maps like. london, NY, LA, chicago, miami, tokyo & amsterdam… That would take alot of fuss out of where to place the game. And alot more novelty vehicles would be nice too… Oh, and hawaii would be the tightest map on the planet!!!

  20. Julian says:

    All of them look fake…

  21. Sherri Campbell says:

    My mate told me that the rules of the game are on this page but I can not find them.

  22. shane stewart says:

    gta london good but wood u thinck that thay make it scotland and england, wales .

  23. PhAat Boy says:

    san andreas but better with rapter 4 weelers and fix up any car. and fix up your player change your gang how you want. better grph. and i like that idea about the world travel. all them cities they would not have to make a game for a wail. i hope they just so happen to go with some of these ideas. it would make a better game

  24. jordan adamson says:

    of course it looks real you dumb or what naa just kidding!!!!!!

  25. Sergio says:

    a yo these r fake covers GTA 5 is in san andreas

  26. mushtaq says:

    gta london is very good but i like gta san andreas and gta iv

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