GTA 5 Multiplayer

March 22, 2012

Rockstar had already shown the extent of his ambitions for the multiplayer Max Payne 3 (out May 18th on 360 and PS3, and PC on June 1st). Dan Houser, one of founders of the studio, will confirm this by sharing some new details about the game such that several will be implemented in Max Payne 3 but also in future Rockstar games, including GTA V. Read the rest of this entry »


We got more news about the protagonist in GTA 5!

November 15, 2011

GTA 5Grand Theft Auto V stirs the curiosity of fans and some sharp conducting an investigation to obtain information in preview. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch the GTA 5 Official Trailer

November 2, 2011

Everything is in the title!! You can watch the brand new GTA 5 Trailer right here:


GTA 5 release officially announced by Rockstar

October 26, 2011

Hello everyone!!!

Today I have a great news for you! đŸ™‚ Or maybe you already know….

GTA 5 will be released in 2012, it’s 100 % sure now, we have the official Logo for the new GTA 5 and Rockstar Games will post the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto in 7 days, on the 2nd november 2011 !!!

This excellent news might delight all the GTA fans and all those who were waiting for GTA 5!

Here is the brand new Logo of GTA 5:

GTA 5 Logo

GTA 5 Logo

You can discuss about it on the best GTA 5 Fan Page, and you could watch the brand new trailer next week on GTA 5 TV, the first website about GTA5!

GTA 5 release date in 2011?

February 16, 2011


Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter

According to the famous video game analyst Michael Pachter, GTA 5 will be released in late 2011. He strongly believes that it will come out before January 2012, when many contracts of the major employees working on the GTA series expire, including Leslie Benzies, Sam & Dan Houser. Michael Pachter said  the main employees working on that project would be motivated to release a new GTA before the end of their contract in order to negociate a new contract with Rockstar. He continued that Max Payne 3 would be on the “back burner” to have more time to work on Grand Theft Auto V.

The first signs of GTA 5?

February 8, 2011

gta 5 first signs

If you are waiting for GTA 5 fresh news… I have a good news for you ! Take 2 just published a recent ratings about a new game, which is titled “000A”. The Australian Classification Database said that the game contains violence, crude humor, drug & sexual references, and it could be played by 15 players and up in multiplayer mode.

To my mind, the description of that game shows the first signs of the future Take Two’s video game: Grand Theft Auto V.
Do you think it is the next GTA ?

GTA 5 not before 2012

December 10, 2010
gta 5 grand theft auto v logo gta5 release date 2012 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5

Mike Hickey of Take 2 believes the new GTA 5 could sell 16 million copies and generate 750 million dollars. Take 2 recently said that it was shifting its fiscal year to end on March 31 in order to better put it in line with other major game publishers. There are some predictions for Take 2, it will remain profitable although the next GTA 5 does not come out during its next fiscal year.

We better don’t expect GTA V until 2012, at the earliest! Mike Hickey believes that Take 2’s 2011 fiscal year, which runs from 4/1/2011 until 3/31/2012, will feature 2 important games: Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire.

Hickey believes those 2 games will lead a software lineup which may include the long delayed Duke Nukem Forever that can make Take 2 profitable in 1 year without a Grand Theft Auto or a Red Dead video game.

When GTA 5 does come out likely in Take 2’s fiscal 2012 (from 04/2012 to 06/2013), Mike Hickey thinks it will be another blockbuster, selling up of 16 million copies and generating more than 750 million dollars. Hickey also predicts that year will see the release of BioShock Infinite, which Hickey estimates will sell more than 4 million copies and 182 million dollars in sales.

A major reason for the high sales expectations is the increased combined Xbox 360 and PS3 installed based in the United States, which Hickey thinks will be 41 million units by the end of 2010. That compares to 14 million in 04/2008, when GTA IV came out.